United States evangelical green groups pan Trump's climate accord exit

The United States' allies have condemned Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, warning that the global climate accord can not be renegotiated.

Several of those states had formalized their resolve to follow the Paris deal's goals, with Washington state, NY and California announcing they had formed the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Musk first pledged to resign from his advisor position if the USA left the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, after a report suggested Trump was expected to withdraw.

"India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from developed countries", Mr. Trump said, of the financing commitments by developed countries under the pact that is widely considered inadequate to deal with the challenges of climate change.

"We've done that in the past". She said he believes in clean air and water and a clean environment.Pressed, on Trump's view, she said: "You should ask him that". Critics say that by pulling out of the deal, the USA compromises its role as an worldwide leader on climate and risks jeopardizing global relations.

The Revenant star posted on Facebook, "Today, the future livability of our planet was threatened by President Trump's careless decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement". The two wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry saying that maintaining the commitment to the agreement and to USA leadership on climate change will help protect future generations.

At Friday's press briefing, four different reporters asked Pruitt four variations on this basic question from ABC's Mary Bruce: "Yes or no, does the president believe that climate change is real and a threat to the United States?"

The rejection of the agreement has of course been met with rebukes from other world leaders and climate change experts. "It's tragic, but out of that tragedy I believe the rest of the world will mobilize, will galvanize our efforts". "I knew that as a governor, we know that now". You know, we can all weigh this out.

He also invited American scientists, businesspeople and citizens who are frustrated by the White House's stance to "come and work here with us" on finding a solution to the climate crisis.

  • Leroy Wright