Uber dismisses over 20 employees after law firm's probe

On Tuesday, June 6, Uber Technologies Inc. revealed that it sacked 20 employees as a result of an investigation into sexual harassment claims made against the company.

In the meeting, the company did not name the employees who were fired.

Uber brought on former US Attorney General Eric Holder to lead an investigation into its workplace culture, while the law firm Perkins Coie took on the task of investigating the complaints. "Other things came up that are in that area, that our values are masculine and a little aggressive, but the harassment issue, I just didn't find that at all", she said.

The company said the worker complaints included charges of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and unprofessional behavior.

It said the majority of the claims came from employees based at Uber's San Francisco headquarters.

This week, Harvard Business School's Frances Frei joined the company as its SVP of leadership and strategy to help Kalanick clean up the mess.

The results of the Holder probe had been expected to be shared with employees this week, but the plan has been postponed until next week, the person said.

So as well as detailing what it has done to address those existing complaints, Uber will now have to be very clear about how it will handle such issues in future.

A man exits the Uber offices in Queens, New York, U.S., February 2, 2017.

The company declined to comment further on the move to fire staff. The law firm took no action in 100 allegations and is still probing 57 others. He added it was "not almost a complete and final surgery to heal a troubled culture".

Uber's chief executive, Travis Kalanick, in February condemned the behaviour Fowler described, saying that it was "abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in". Uber board member Bill Gurley is overseeing the search.

The actions are Uber's latest effort to quell escalating controversies that have shaken the eight-year-old company to its core, analysts said.

Holder's investigation, which has produced a draft report on Uber's workplace culture that has not been publicly released, led to the discovery of specific cases of alleged sexual harassment. It is not certain whether they will be made public.

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Uber has fired 20 of its employees involved in sexual harassment complaints. Meanwhile, human resources chief Liane Hornsey said she was shocked by Fowler's sexual harassment allegations.

  • Zachary Reyes