Sessions offered to quit amid rising tensions with Trump

President Donald Trump has reportedly soured on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, privately disparaging one of his earliest campaign allies as the source of the administration's ongoing legal struggles.

CNN has previously reported that Trump was frustrated with Sessions' decision to recuse himself.

According to the report, Sessions only notified Trump of his decision minutes before appearing on television and making the announcement. US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation hacked and released Democrats' emails during the campaign to hurt candidate Hillary Clinton and, ultimately, try to help Trump win. In revising the travel ban language, Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department were trying to come up with one that would be more likely to survive Supreme Court review.

Two days before former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Donald Trump's world continues to unravel right before our very eyes.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered to resign in recent weeks as he told President Trump he needed the freedom to do his job, according to two people who were briefed on the discussion.

Trump's anger over the recusal has not diminished with time. The sources say Trump was deeply disappointed by Sessions' decision, which he viewed as a sign of weakness, though the president rejected the AG's offer to resign.

Trump has been furious about the series of investigations into Russian Federation - which dismisses as a "witch hunt".

President Trump apparently believes that Sessions' recusal set the stage for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ultimately take over the criminal probe.

On Monday morning, Trump also continued his crusade against the Department of Justice's role in implementing his immigration executive order that was twice struck down nationwide by appeals courts.

The frustration over the travel ban might be a momentary episode were it not for the deeper resentment Trump feels toward Sessions, according to people close to the president. The omission came on the advice of staff and an FBI investigator, the agency said.

  • Zachary Reyes