Qatar fighter jet sale worth $21B in middle of diplomatic crisis

The call came after a senior Saudi royal arrived in Kuwait with a message from the Saudi king.

Russian Federation possibly wanted to divide the USA and its Gulf allies when it allegedly planted a fake news story in Qatar's state news agency triggering a major crisis in the Middle East, CNN reported Thursday, citing US officials.

In October, the American Embassy in Qatar issued a statement saying "The United States Government enjoys a close and ongoing relationship with the Government of Qatar in combating terrorist financing and supports Qatar's efforts to deny terrorist financiers access to its financial system".

"This is the strongest accusation to date of Qatar being connected with terrorism".

"The president underscored that a united Gulf Cooperation Council is critical to defeating terrorism and promoting regional stability", the White House said in a statement regarding the call.

While the countries are free to refuse landing rights, it is unclear whether Bahrain and the UAE can legally bar Qatar Airways from their airspace.

Erdogan also said that Turks "will continue and develop our ties with Qatar".

Davis declined to comment directly on the president's tweets, saying "we have no plans to change our posture in Qatar" and that the Pentagon is grateful to Qatar for hosting al-Udeid Airbase.

As well as cutting diplomatic relations and ordering Qatari citizens to leave their countries within 14 days, the Gulf states and Egypt banned all flights to and from Qatar. Late Tuesday night, the Jordanian government announced it was reducing its level of diplomatic representation in Qatar and cancelling the local registration for Al-Jazeera TV.

President Trump sided with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries Tuesday in a deepening diplomatic crisis with Qatar, casting a cloud over a $21.1 billion sale Boeing is counting on to keep open its F-15 production line.

Ulrichsen said Qatar's neighbours were among those to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on the grounds that Doha supported extremist groups "that aim to destabilise the region".

The split among the Sunni states erupted last month after the summit of Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia, where Trump denounced Shi'ite Iran's "destabilising interventions" in Arab lands, where Tehran is locked in a tussle with Riyadh for influence.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he was ready to back "all initiatives to encourage calm".

Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, has used that wealth in recent years to play an outsize role in regional politics.

"A more long-term effect will be that passengers will shy away from booking with Qatar Airways", Leeham Co analyst Bjorn Ferhm said in a note published on Wednesday.

Qatar is heavily dependent on food imports and residents have been queuing at supermarkets to stockpile.

Qatar is also a major regional diplomatic player and worldwide investor and is set to host the 2022 World Cup.

Some 8,000 U.S. military personnel are stationed at al Udeid in Qatar, the largest USA air base in the Middle East and a staging ground for US-led strikes on the Islamic State militant group that has seized parts of Syria and Iraq.

Gulf countries previously recalled their ambassadors from Qatar in 2014, ostensibly over its support for the Brotherhood, but Monday's moves go much further.

Saudi Arabia's central bank advised banks in the kingdom not to trade with Qatari banks in Qatari riyals, the sources said.

Qatar has an independent streak that has often angered its neighbors.

So any extended disruption to their ties with foreign banks could be awkward, though the government of the world's biggest natural gas exporter has massive financial reserves which it could use to support them.

  • Zachary Reyes