New iPhone feature to block texts while driving

Looks like after mispronouncing "Pokemon Go", Apple CEO Tim Cook realized huge potential for augmented reality and the iPhone. With iOS 11, Apple has put the controls you care about in one place.

To send a password to a new device, the iPhone or iPad that's already connected to the network must be nearby and unlocked. Stock apps across the OS have been updated and refined, including indoor maps in Maps and curated news feeds in News. This is what allows digital content to be overlaid on the real world. It will also improve messaging and make apps easier to find.

Apple may have found a way to end distracted driving. The symbol is Apple-y, would be worthy for a manager app, and furthermore, the posting shows that iOS 11 and its next upgrades are in demand.

Apple and Google have many similar features within their ecosystems, but not every feature translates directly from iOS to Android.

"In the past, you were bound to a workspace with a PC, and used your tablet for quick messages or entertainment when you weren't in the office; that's not the case anymore", said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. The long-rumoured 10.5-inch iPad Pro finally made an appearance at WWDC, replacing the outgoing 9.7-inch version. Siri can do everything you'd expect, like setting timers and playing music, but Siri is smarter now, especially where music is concerned. This has led to the introduction of a 120Hz refresh rate for reduced response times. "We now have 5 games that will be removed from the store when Apple kills 32 bit", Pollet told Kotaku, adding that's "basically our entire catalog". This is helped by the A10X processor itself, which Apple claims is 30 percent faster at raw compute performance than the A9X. If you want to play music in multiple rooms in your house, you can now do that through the AirPlay 2 feature in iOS 11. "Microsoft has proven with the Surface Pro that enterprise users like this form factor", Greengart said, "but what may hold the iPad back is that Windows runs many legacy and custom corporate apps, while iOS does not". When turned on, the feature will mute all the alerts and notifications while keeping the screen dark.

The company's smart-speaker, the HomePod, is going after the growing online home assistant buyers with the Siri-assisted device. While not exactly groundbreaking, iOS 11 does bring some useful features and improvements to the table like peer-to-peer Apple Pay and a redesigned Control Center. The company hopes to usher in a new standard for mobile productivity, including support for emerging technologies like augmented reality. If that doesn't change before watchOS 4 is released later this fall, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users who can not update to iOS 11 will not be able to update Apple Watch to the latest software version. Nonetheless, the high-profile developer conference marked Apple's headlong pursuit of one of the most important battlegrounds in wireless. The update will land on all supported iPhone and iPad devices later in the fall. Pricing and availability for both will vary worldwide. New iMacs and MacBook laptops start shipping Monday.

  • Arturo Norris