N. Korea rejects latest UNSC resolution, vows to continue

"The DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a strong condemnation and rejection to the UNSC's another campaign of sanctions as it is a crafty hostile act with the goal of putting a curb on the DPRK's buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it", the foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the country's state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Given the recent facts and figures that Kim is not planning to stop his nuclear test development program, the United Nations Security Council on Friday expanded its targeted sanctions against Korean Peninsula.

But North Korea told his organization Monday that it won't allow the visit because of United Nations sanctions adopted last week that Seoul has vowed to implement, Hong said.

The North Korean government denounced these latest sanctions as "a crafty hostile act with the objective of putting a curb on the DPRK's [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it", Reuters quoted the foreign ministry spokesman as saying on Sunday, in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

The resolution put North Korea's suspected spy chief, 13 other Pyongyang officials and four entities on a sanctions blacklist, hitting them with a global travel ban and an assets freeze. But it differs from the United States and its allies on how to rein in the North's rapidly escalating nuclear and ballistic missile program.

North Korea is pushing hard to build a nuclear-tipped missile that can reach the continental United States.

North Korea on Sunday denounced the new sanctions imposed two days earlier by the U.N. Security Council after Pyongyang conducted a ninth ballistic missile test this year in defiance of earlier U.N. resolutions.

"The U.S. steps up its military buildup including modernization of nuclear weapons just in order to obtain exclusive and permanent possession of the most sophisticated weapon system in the world".

It also said the country "will not flinch from the road to build up nuclear forces" and vowed to continue to carry out ballistic missile launches "until the moment when the USA and its followers are brought to reason about the root cause and a solution to the nuclear issue".

North Korea's nuclear ambitions are threatening to Russia, a Russian official said Sunday.

"It is a fatal miscalculation if the countries ... would even think that they can delay or hold in check the eye-opening development of the [North's] nuclear forces even for a moment", the spokesman said.

As tensions have increased between Pyongyang and Washington, the United States has been pressing China to rein in Kim Jong Un's nuclear programme.

Speaking at the dialogue, Asia's premier security forum, Mattis said the threat from North Korea was "clear and present" and that Pyongyang had increased its pace of pursuing nuclear weapons.

As of this writing, the tension between North Korea with the rest of the world remains the same.

  • Zachary Reyes