Man arrested after hiding motor oil and DVDs in trousers

The surveillance video then shows Hall emptying out the contents of his trousers, which had 15 bottles of Pennzoil motor oil along with 30 DVD movies.

Security video shows William Jason Hall walking into a 7-11 in Lakeland, Florida.

According to WFLA, the unusual crime was stopped because a Polk County Sheriff's Office detective happened to be outside and saw the shoplifting happen. 15 bottles of Penzoil and 30 DVDs to be exact. "Our detective who is sitting in the vehicle, watching all of this, says to himself, 'Self, I think I'll arrest him'".

"Mr. Hall then dropped several movies from the shelf onto the floor, bent down, stacked the movies on top of one another, picked them up, and slid them down into his trousers too", reads a police statement on the department Facebook page.

The detective says the man then proceeded to put several discounted DVDs down his trousers as well.

The detective escorts the Hall back inside where he proceeds to unload the treasure trove of oil and movies. Since this is the 38-year-old suspect's third shoplifting charge, police slapped him with a felony crime.

In a post on the sheriff's Facebook page, Hall is advised that the next time he needs some motor oil and last-minute gifts, to please pay for them.

  • Larry Hoffman