Magic Johnson believes Showtime Lakers would sweep Warriors

Would the "Showtime" Lakers actually beat the Warriors head to head?

Riley notes there's no one to defend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to which Johnson remarks, "Zaza, I'm sorry".

On Monday night, Johnson was part of an American Express event with Pat Riley when he was asked who would win a series between the 2017 Warriors and the legendary Lakers teams of the 1980s.

Draymond Green got a good laugh out of Magic Johnson saying his Showtime Lakers would have swept these Golden State Warriors. But this Golden State team is no slouch themselves.

But Green contends it doesn't make any sense to compare teams or players from different eras because the game has changed so much.

That quartet has led Golden State to a playoff sweep thus far, with the team's 14 straight postseason wins breaking a record that had been held by its own 2016-17 version and Johnson's 1988-89 Lakers, whose streak began in the previous playoffs and who were stunningly swept in the Finals by the Pistons. They are some of the most talented and deepest teams in National Basketball Association history.

Still, comparison between the two is hard, as they played two very different styles in two very different eras.

The big question is how the three-point shot would factor into a hypothetical matchup between today's Warriors and the "Showtime" Lakers, who featured a third Hall of Famer in James Worthy and an outstanding perimeter defender in Michael Cooper. But a sweep? That's a bit unlikely. Nowadays, if you can't shoot a 3, you're a liability on the floor. That historic run of success places them firmly in the greatest team of all-time conversation, where Johnson's Lakers have resided for many decades now.

  • Julie Sanders