IPhone X Features Confirmed by Massive Leak

One interesting rumour from this is that Apple may be working on true wireless charging capabilities that don't require the device to be docked, but only within a few feet of the source to be able to charge remotely.

The iPhone 8 will ditch aluminium for composite glass. They revealed that the iPhone 8 will house a fingerprint sensor under its display.

The latest leak of Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 centers on a new dummy model of the mobile device that recently uncovered at Computex 2017 in Tapei. If you're simply waiting for the next iPhone announcement in October, you may be in for a bumpy ride as the amount of rumours swilling have us completely confused as to what may be true, and what is more likely to be false. The handset, however, would have a small cutout above the display to house the camera and two biometric scanners. Considering that production delays have been mentioned by several sources, we could be waiting a while before we get a look at the newest member of the iPhone family.

However, the Apple smart glass project has a higher probability of not making it to the final stages owing to battery issues. The Foxconn employees estimated that there was a 65 percent chance of Apple abandoning the project.

Foxconninsider went on to assert that they saw some test units with optical-based fingerprint readers below the display, but the yield rates and performance were not up the mark.

The thread started by "foxconninsider" has information on a 32GB RAM variant of the 15-inch MacBook Pro which will be launched at WWDC and interestingly, the MacBook Air will be discontinued by the company. If that is indeed the case, then the employees said that they could be fitted with an accelerometer and a microphone and may cost as much as $600, according to the report. This would allow a user to control the Apple Glasses with a head shake, as well as the voice control.

"Very unique design, if it can be done properly will be like what the iphone did 10 years ago", one of the Foxconn employees said about the Apple Glasses. They revealed that Apple's upcoming Siri Speaker would house a modified version of the A9 chipset, which powered the iPhone 6S.

Before this, features heading to the phone will be formally announced with Apple's new iOS 11 software expected to be unveiled later today, June 5. The user said manufacturing for the phone had been delayed and also referred to the smartphone as the iPhone X, echoing past rumors about the iPhone's codename and product name.

  • Arturo Norris