Dissidia Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 Leaked By Amazon

Initially, the store advanced with the listing of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the PS4 version, which despite not having an associated release date, revealed numerous features as well as the first trailer. The game is apparently called Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, and will feature "over 20 playable Final Fantasy heroes and villains", including Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix has finally announced a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the newest fighting spinoff entry that brings characters from across the series together.

Team Ninja is developing the game, which makes sense given that the studio also created 2015's arcade release.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is available on arcade in Japan. Or for the hardcore Final Fantasy fans who just want to definitively prove that Cloud would undoubtedly kick Squall's butt.

This version does not have a release date yet, but numerous features, as well as the first trailer, were leaked in the listing. The Bravery Combat System will also return.

You can check out the various Dissidia Final Fantasy characters and gameplay screenshots in the gallery below. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will likely have one of the busiest user interfaces in fighting games when it heads West next year. The series was first introduced in 2008 on the PSP, and has been primarily a portable experience since then.

During a live broadcast earlier today, Square Enix went on to confirm that the game's narrative is headed up by Kazushige Nojima, and revolves around two gods known as Spiritus and Materia and includes extensive cutscenes.

  • Arturo Norris