Comey won't testify that Trump obstructed justice

"That would be a hit job on President Trump and I hope this hearing doesn't become a hit job on President Trump".

There's bipartisan agreement, the email says, that Comey "needs to answer a simple question about his conversations with President Trump: If you were so concerned, why didn't you act on it or notify Congress?".

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As for Comey's memo that Trump asked him to back off in the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's ties to Russia, Sekulow said it's a "big bag of nothing".

The cycle echoes a politician often cast as one of Trump's forebears: Rudy Giuliani.

Beyond his contacts with Kislyak during the presidential transition, Flynn is also under investigation for allegedly not informing the government about receiving money from Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT and failing to register as a foreign agent for work with a business linked to the Turkish regime.

Russian Involvement in 2016 elections? "[But] I think it's a far cry from any kind of legal repercussions for anyone in the Trump administration". Among those stalwart internet warriors: President Donald Trump.

"He is not going to Congress to make accusations about the President's intent, instead he's there to share his concerns", the source said, and tell the committee "what made him uneasy" and why he felt a need to write the memo documenting the conversation.

Comey is unlikely to speak about details of the investigation, as it is still in progress. He will also be questioned about the agency's underlying investigation into whether Trump's campaign had anything to do with Russian meddling in the election the NY billionaire into office. They say Trump asked during one of the meetings for Comey to promise he would be loyal to him.

Though the office of the DNI oversees other intelligence agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director operates independently of the DNI on many matters.

He will, of course, be asked if he has found any evidence that Trump coordinated with the Russians and if there is any hint of obstruction of justice following the firing of national security adviser Michael Flynn.

US eavesdropping showed Flynn had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the USA before Trump took office in January.

On Monday, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump will not be invoking executive privilege to stop Comey from testifying.

The same people have told American media that Comey believed Trump was trying to pressure him in an unacceptable way. Comey would have wanted to take contemporaneous notes just in case there was any later suggestion that he encouraged that topic. That investigation has just begun. Trump previously visited Russian Federation on business matters. This presumes Trump has not been forcibly placed in a mental institution in the next 48 hours-again, after the last several days, a possibility that we can no longer preclude.

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