British police name two London attackers

One of the three killers Khuram Butt was known to both MI5 and the police and despite him being on the counter-terror watch list, there was no evidence he was planning an attack and therefore his file was not deemed a priority, according to New Scotland Yard. Redouane had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan.

May tried to deflect the pressure onto Corbyn, a pacifist who has opposed some security legislation in parliament and expressed reservations in the past about police responding to armed attackers with "shoot-to-kill" tactics.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the brazen attack that started on London Bridge, then continued in the streets surrounding Borough Market. Other attacks have been committed without direct ISIS involvement by terrorists who are sympathizers of the radical group. He is expected to survive.

But all 10 people still being held were released without charge late Monday.

He said many people were "very anxious that she was at the Home Office for all this time, presided over these cuts in police numbers, and now is saying that we have a problem".

Prime Minister Theresa May warned that the country faced a new threat from copycat attacks. "One witness said he saw a woman stabbed '10 or 15 times" by the men, who he said shouted, 'This is for Allah'.

One of the three attackers, Rachid Redouane, was reportedly carrying an identity card issued in Ireland when he was shot dead on Saturday.

Victims and their families gave harrowing accounts of the sudden and random attacks that sent scores of people out on a Saturday night fleeing crowded restaurants and pubs or diving for cover.

Another friend, who also said he reported Butt to police, told the BBC's Asian network that the terrorist, who was known as Abu or Abs, had been radicalised watching videos of the infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril. It followed President Trump deriding and misrepresenting Khan's attempt to calm Londoners after the attack.

The third victim of the London Bridge terror attack has been named as Kirsty Boden, an Australian nurse who "ran towards danger" to help people during the deadly onslaught. "MSM is working hard to sell it!" he wrote.

Police raided a number of properties in Barking and Newham in the days after.

Of the 48 people taken to hospital, 36 are being cared for in London hospitals with 18 in a critical condition.

The first was Canadian Christine Archibald.

"We grieve the loss of our lovely, loving daughter and sister who was 30 years old". In a statement, her family said she had worked in a shelter for the homeless.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said a French citizen was also killed. "Once the bridge opened up again this morning, people just went about their way".

In a speech in Downing Street on Sunday, May called for tougher measures to contain Islamic extremism, saying the assaults are not directly linked, but "terrorism breeds terrorism".

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron, said: "This is a man insulting our national values at a time of introspection and mourning".

Harun Khan, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, agreed with May that things must change. "We did not know him well, his name was not known to us, it has been brought to our attention that some years ago after interrupting a Friday sermon he was asked to leave the mosque", the statement said. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalized.

A similar attack in March on Westminster bridge, carried out by 52-year-old Briton Khalid Masood, killed five people and injured more than 50. Masood was shot dead by police.

In the northwestern English city of Manchester, 22 people died in a suicide bombing on May 22, and 116 were injured.

  • Zachary Reyes