Bill Cosby Trial Day 2: Accuser Andrea Constand Takes the Stand

"I said, 'What are they, are they natural, are they herbal?' He nodded his head and said, 'Put them down, they'll help you relax.' I said, 'Three of them?' He nodded", testified Constand, wearing a light blue suit jacket, white top and cream-colored trousers.

"I did not want to stir up any trouble", she said.

"I felt that if I had gone to the police, that Mr. Cosby would retaliate and try to hurt me, that he would try to hurt me or my family in some way", she testified. Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged.

Cosby's lawyers questioned her credibility.

Defense attorney Brian McMonagle said he welcomed that evidence. She will return to the witness stand Wednesday to complete her testimony.

"They're your friends", she recalled him saying when he handed her the pills. They were introduced by a donor during one of the team's games.

The comedian's demeanor noticeably changed when Constand was testifying about the night at the center of the case. Cosby grinned at the defence table as she struggled to explain them.

Andrea Constand, the key prosecution witness, told jurors on Tuesday in a suburban Philadelphia courtroom that Cosby gave her unidentified pills at his home that he claimed would help her relax.

When she "came to", Ms Johnson said, she was lying on the bed.

She was 31 at the time and had befriended him through Temple University in Philadelphia, where he served on the board of trustees. Invitations to his home followed, and he arranged meetings to help her launch a broadcasting career, Constand said. After briefly losing consciousness, she regained it as Cosby was touching her private parts, she testified.

She described how he began calling her at the office, then on her cellphone. Cosby then [assaulted her], she said. "We're so thankful she walked back into this maelstrom". When she woke up again, Cosby gave her a muffin and some tea before she went home.

Constand said that when she later called Cosby to ask why he had given her the pills he replied: "I thought you had an orgasm, didn't you?"

Afterwards, she said, "I felt really humiliated and I felt really confused".

MCEVERS: Very quickly, how did her - Cosby's defense team react to her testimony?

A worker's compensation lawyer says he was taken aback by a woman's 1996 deposition testimony that she'd been drugged and violated by Bill Cosby at a Los Angeles hotel bungalow.

When she asked if they were herbal, he nodded, she told jurors. Johnson told jurors the visit happened before Cosby allegedly assaulted her.

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, which carry up to 10 years each.

Perhaps in a bid to blunt claims by his lawyers that she called him dozens of times in the months after the alleged assault - and before she contacted police - Constand acknowledged she maintained contact with him.

After a series of phone calls, Constand said Cosby began inviting her dinner at his house and other events, such as a jazz concert in NY.

Constand took the stand on Tuesday and described the incident.

She received an undisclosed cash sum and her deposition from that lawsuit remains sealed.

More than 50 women have said that Cosby assaulted them, but the statute of limitations has run out in almost all cases.

As far as Cosby's lengthy string of abuse allegations are concerned, there have been more than 60 alleged victims to date that have come forward to speak out about their interactions with the former comedian during the period between 1965 and 2008.

On Tuesday, the second day of the sexual-assault trial, Constand took the stand to reiterate in detail the statement she gave police in 2005 of the sexual assault she says took place in 2004 at Cosby's Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, mansion. "I said, 'What do I do?' He said, 'Swallow them down.' I said, 'I trust you, ' and I swallowed them down". Later, her vision began to blur and she was seeing double, she said.

"I get a chance today to protect a man", McMonagle said.

"I trusted him. I wasn't scared of him in any way", said Constand. "So I just went along with it".

  • Leroy Wright