As promised, Vermont governor vetoes state budget

Senate President Joe Negron, in advance of the Legislature's 3-day Special Session this week, told members in a Tuesday memo he expects "a proposal to override the veto of some university and higher education funding".

The governor found the money, in large part, by vetoing $410 million in local projects, including $10.7 million worth in Palm Beach County.

Scott said that he and his staff go over each line in the spending plan and determine what is "the best way to spend the money".

"I believe we're going to reach a resolution on that", he said. "On top of that, we've got to make sure we fully fund our schools". Gov. Scott announced that the money would be used for public schools and other projects. No governor has vetoed the entire Florida Education Financing Program, also known as FEFP, since Bob Graham in 1983. Next fiscal year's budget for now contains an increase of $24.49 per student.

Despite first learning about this savings opportunity in 2015, taking additional testimony from VEHI throughout the 2017 legislative session and receiving multiple proposals to secure the savings from the Scott Administration, he said the Legislature failed to implement a policy mechanism that would achieve these savings. To get to this special session, Florida's Republican leaders have dealt in the shadows to produce a relative turkey.

Broxson says the hope in the Statehouse was that instead of a special session, lawmakers could deal with that during committee meetings in September.

Scott showed some balance in his budget vetoes, eliminating at least a half-dozen projects linked to Senate Appropriations Chairman Jack Latvala, a Clearwater Republican who was a strong supporter of Scott's economic and tourism initiatives and was a critic of Corcoran. "And now, the Governor has freed up probably another billion through the vetoes".

Eager to gain a greater understanding of the medicinal benefits and potential risks associated with medical marijuana, State Sen. The sticking point appears to be differences over the number of dispensaries.

"The only reason Richard Corcoran is considering Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida is because of 7069", Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon of Miami Gardens said.

More outrageous, this special session - as yet - is not scheduled to address a long-overdue regulatory framework for medical marijuana, a further insult to the 71 percent of Floridians who voted in November to legalize cannabis for people with serious medical conditions.

He has now called a special session with legislators to discuss other changes to the budget. "This is a 'time certain, ' so we will be through by Friday".

One of the norms of special sessions is that all sides - House, Senate and governor - agree ahead of time, allowing them to avoid the appearance of crisis.

Gov. Rick Scott called state lawmakers back to Tallahassee for three days beginning Wednesday with orders to do three things: Boost spending per student in K-12 education; fund the state's tourism agency, Visit Florida; and create a new economic development fund Scott can use to lure businesses.

  • Larry Hoffman