Apple's new iPhones 'Do Not Disturb' drivers with notifications

The iPad Pro will also include a new Drag and Drop feature, a redesigned App Switcher and better multitasking.

For some, Apple's WWDC keynote event went liked they hoped - the company introducing some exciting new products or technologies that hit all the sweet spots in today's dramatically reshaped tech environment.

The feature does not affect Apple CarPlay, which allows drivers to respond to text messages and use other iPhone features using voice commands, according to CNN.

We already know that some of the new iOS 11 features will not come to all of these devices.

Apple is partnering with LifeFitness, StairMaster, Schwinn, and a few other makers of cardio equipment to add the technology into their machines, but it likely won't start showing up in gyms until this fall.

The money in your Apple Pay Cash account can be used to make purchases in stores, apps, and on the web using Apple Pay. Other app developers seek to offer incentives to reduce phone-related auto fatalities.

On a completely different front, some of Apple's hardware updates, particularly around the Mac, highlight how serious it has become about computing again.

It has been discovered in the first beta of iOS 11 that has now been released to registered developers that the iOS 11 Camera app has native support for QR codes.

There's not a whole pile of information up presently, however, the name of the application and its symbol strongly recommend that Apple's arrangements of highlight some sort of local file manager app in iOS 11.

It looks like Apple is finally giving some much-needed attention to the content creation tools baked into the iPhone. Apple claims that with iOS 11, Siri will be smarter than before.

However, Google announced at I/O, its Project Treble initiative, which is meant to make Android update times more efficient for OEMs, by separating stock Android updates from customizations released by manufacturers. Interestingly, it is also integrated with Apple Music.

But it wasn't until I got to try out the new multi-tasking features built into iOS 11 that I truly understood why the screen needed to be wider.

The company also announced the 27 inch iMac Pro, which reportedly has a 4TB hard drive and 128GB RAM.

While there may be lots of new apps, whether or not there will be a lot innovation remains to be seen.

A new iPhone feature may reduce the distraction drivers face in their vehicles. Apple hasn't provided any updated figures in this regard, but there's a good chance the new Pencil gets very close to that figure. Ignited by new referendums and legislation, this industry is expected to blast from an already robust $6.7 billion to $20.2 billion in 2021.

Many an iPad owner has wished for the ability - just as you have in Android - to create multiple users and switch between them. There are several standout additions, including a new Driving Mode that mutes all notifications to keep you concentrated on the road.

  • Arturo Norris