Apple Just Made It Easier Than Ever To Pay Your Friends Back

Similarly, users may also buy in-app purchases using Apple Pay. In Safari, the web version allows you to make payments once you've saved your credit or debit card information, and then authorizing the payment using your Apple ID. Apple Pay is only available to Apple users. With iOS 11, that will hopefully change, because Apple is bringing its mobile wallet into iMessage, where the service will seamlessly integrate with user experience to provide a convenient way to use your credit or debit cards. He said that the service will be available at 50% of retailers within the United States by the end of the year. Soon, you and your friends will be able to send and receive payments within Apple Pay. Apple, on the other hand, has been slow to enable the feature on its Apple Pay service, despite the 375 million users who have access to the app.

Apple may have you ditching Venmo because it has made person-to-person payments almost frictionless. It would mean a lot to us. Balance left, according to Apple, can be used to make payment anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. While numerous rumored iOS 11 features we were excited about failed to make an appearance - there's no Dark Mode option, for instance - we did see a number of new features that should make the iOS user experience much more useful and intuitive. How do you think could this affect PayPal, Square Cash, and others?

In March, Facebook FB entered this growing market as it announced its own way for users to easily send money via Facebook Messenger. There's now no information on whether you can send or receive cash from groups of friends like you can in Facebook Messenger, nor is there any info on associated fees with sending money through Apple Pay. In the case of Apple, P2P payments will be done through iMessage, although it isn't clear if Apple will allow transactions outside the messaging app. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

  • Zachary Reyes