Amazon Lowers Prime Membership Rate For Low-Income Customers

In an outreach to lower income shoppers, Amazon will provide consumers on government assistance programs access to Amazon Prime at a discounted monthly price, at least temporarily.

Right now, the offer is limited to those with a valid EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card, but the company has plans to extend the benefits to assistance programs that don't use EBT in the future. Still, that's four years of discounted Prime membership.

Amazon said Tuesday that it wants to make the program more accessible. The membership also gives the customers immediate access to Prime Reading, Prime Music, Prime Photos, and Prime Video.

Now in a bid to attract more subscribers, the retail giant announced a new Prime discount program aimed at USA customers with low-incomes.

About 18% of US households receive government assistance for food, according to the most recently available government data. Behind the move: Amazon, again, is going toe-to-toe with Walmart. With this program, it hopes to pull in more low-income shoppers.

Walmart has gained momentum in its online business, seeing its e-commerce sales soar 63 percent in its first quarter, up from a 29 percent increase the previous period.

How much has Amazon shaved off the Prime fee you might be wondering at this point, right? And you must re-validate the card with Amazon every 12 months. Since a Prime membership is now required for AmazonFresh, the new program could allow more SNAP users to take advantage of the grocery delivery service.

  • Zachary Reyes