WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 5

In addition to not living up to its "extreme" name, WWE Extreme Rules 2017 didn't feature the culmination of several storylines as had been the hope from fans going into the event. There were a handful of quality matches over the course of the night with finishes that left the door open for feuds to continue if WWE decides to go in that direction.

While the card was pretty brief (six matches on the main show), the ramifications of this show would be felt on the RAW roster for the duration of the summer.

There might have been a slight setback to Bray Wyatt's dream of claiming the WWE Universal title, as Samoa Joe bulldozed his way through Wyatt and the rest of the contenders at Extreme Rules to become the prime challenger for Brock Lesnar's belt. The entire division declined to sit in her corner and instead allowed themselves to enjoy a session of Jax dominating against Bliss.

A title match with Jax, and something had to give away. Going in, it was explained that the title could change hands via DQ, a rare circumstance in WWE. It makes the fans feel special and sends things out on a high note. Cole noted "I'm not sure I've ever seen the Miz this intense".

It wasn't all great on Raw, though, with the wrestling focus really suffering.

The Beast is coming back! Ambrose then jumped to the outside with an elbow. O'Neil decided that he needs to do it again, so he is getting back in the ring. No matter what he did, though, he just couldn't get the pinfall. The Miz appeared onscreen and told Ambrose there would be no rematch tonight, right before Samson hit Ambrose with a swinging neckbreaker. Dean eventually got to the ropes for the break, but he was locked into the hold for a long time.

After ruining everything, Miz calls out Ambrose and demands that he shows himself. Ambrose continued to sell the hurt knee valiantly.

Firstly, Miz and Maryse thought the guy in the bear suit was an imposter, so he got a Skull Crushing Finale. It turns out that it is just a grandfather clock, and Maryse storms out after Miz ruined her thoughtful gift.

Both Cruiserweights in this match need to win. The finish was also what it should have been considering how much more compelling Miz is in the role of champion as opposed to Ambrose.

  • Julie Sanders