Walmart testing new home drop-off service at NJ stores

It is enlisting its employees so that they deliver the orders online on their way from work to home. This existing footprint has a walmart within 10 miles of more than 90% of the USA population.

So, paying an employee to make a pit-stop at their neighbor's place might not be as insane as it sounds. Wal-Mart completed its $3 billion acquisition of Lore's former company, internet retailer, in September.

Walmart has strength in numbers with 4,700 stores across the US and more than a million associates. The announcement came just a day before the company's annual meeting. Marc Lore, CEO and President of Walmart E-Commerce, said the associates will have an option to participate in the program. In addition, Walmart would need to pay workers a fair wage. "This is not something they are required to do".

Some critics of Walmart's labor practices questioned how voluntary such a program will be.

The move could result in significant cost savings, though the company didn't provide estimates of how much. "The best part is this gives our own associates a way to earn extra income on their existing drive home".

Walmart is now fully in the e-commerce ring with Amazon in a fight that is decidedly giant versus giant.

Now, our latest test is taking this another step further and leveraging one of our greatest assets - our associates - to get online orders to customers' doors.

Faster shipping has become a key area of competition as online retail continues to grow at a double-digit pace, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores struggle with falling sales. Amazon has something similar, as they offer same-day delivery services in a lot of locations across the country. And in about 30 cities, Prime Now members can get some items in an hour or two.

I tend to think a dedicated in-house staff, trained in all respects to value customer service above all, is a better approach than using work tired associates to delivery a 55 inch TV. Walmart workers would simply travel from the store they already work at to make the delivery. Same day delivery, and with employees going home at various times throughout the day deliveries could be made throughout the workday and evening.

  • Zachary Reyes