Trump to launch a patriotic American hotel chain that 'puts Americans first'

After some bumps with finding a partnering entity, the CEO of the Trump Organization's hotel business has put Dallas back in its plans, telling the New York Times that a hotel here will be announced "in the next couple of months".

Trump's adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric - who claim to run the company without their father's input - said the new chain comes from the "crash course in America" they got while traveling the country for their father's campaign, which drew tremendous support from red states.

The latest news is that Chawla Pointe LLC has been chosen to be the first to operate the latest Trump Hotel chain, called American Idea, and another called Scion.

The company revealed the location of its first upper-tier Scion hotel, which will be in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Scion is a four-star hotel chain meant to offer upscale service in US cities that could not support a full-fledged Trump luxury property. This new venture takes its cues from the president's "America First" theme - and the hotels will be decorated with patriotic flair and feature American-made products.

All four MS deals are franchise agreements for hotels owned by a family-run firm headed by Indian-American brothers, Dinesh and Suresh Chawla.

The hotel company bearing the president's name is moving into a relatively modest segment of the USA hospitality market, courtesy of a pair of new brands created to be less luxurious than its current locations. "While we will continue in pursuit of this mission for our luxury Trump Hotels brand, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience across the various segments of the hotel business and bringing our trademark hospitality to many more guests, owners and markets across the nation". "But I do believe in legal immigration, not to punish people, but I believe in being a law-abiding person".

The new hotels will be mid-tier properties, Danziger said at a news conference at the Trump Tower in NY. The Scion, which is under construction, is a $20 million project financed by $5 million from Guaranty Bank, Dinesh Chawla said.

For the Scion hotel brand, Mr. Danziger said the company has an additional 39 signed letters of intent, which are nonbinding, early-stage deals.

American Idea hotels will reportedly display artifacts of American culture such as old Coca-Cola vending machines in the lobby and USA -made sundries in the rooms. He threw out the idea of using things from towns to give hotels a local feel, like a vintage firetruck.

"I said, 'That's brilliant, '" Danziger said of the concept. "We look at it as nearly flea market-chic".

  • Carolyn Briggs