Trump filed for an extension on his 2016 tax return

The deadline to file for taxes was April 17.

Trump has requested an extension for filing his 2016 tax returns, a White House official told CNN.

Individual taxpayers needing extra time to finish their returns can request a six-month extension from the IRS.

The White House has already dismissed the notion of making any of Trump's past tax returns public, claiming without providing evidence that he still remains under audit by the IRS - which still wouldn't prohibit him.

Protesters led events across the country in April urging the president to release his returns, to the extent that Mr. Trump's motorcade took a different route in Florida to avoid them. I doubt it. I doubt it.

He added, "Oh, at some point I'll release them. I did a good job". Trump's personal lawyers said in a letter that his returns from the past 10 years show that - with a few exceptions - he received no income from Russian sources and owed no debts to Russian lenders.

In addition, the returns show no Russian investments in Trump's businesses or any investment by Trump or the entities he controls in Russian businesses, the lawyers said.

Trump's plan for US tax reform also generated calls for details on how the president and his various businesses might benefit from any changes.

Tax reporting expert David Cay Johnston predicted in March that Trump would ask for an extension, when Johnston got his hands on leaked pages from Trump's 2005 returns.

If Maddow's report did anything to advance serious inquiry into Trump's taxes, it was by forcing the White House to demonstrate that it could disclose the president's tax information, despite his refusal to do so on the grounds that he is under audit.

  • Larry Hoffman