Toyota Working On Flying Car - Flying Start?

Still, with the help of a reported 42.5 million yen ($386,000) courtesy Toyota, the group plans to have its first manned flight in 2019. Cartivator's goal is to create a vehicle that offers a seamless transition from driving to flight.

As a small tech company, Cartivator Resource Management received almost $400,000 from Toyota for this project. "We are able to accelerate our development because of this support". The company is hoping that the auto will be able to light the Olympic flame for the opening ceremony at the 2020, Tokyo summer games. The companies still have a long way to go.

The Cartivator team tested their prototype flying auto over the weekend and managed to get it to lift off the ground and hover for a few seconds.

The idea of a market-ready flying auto may seem unrealistic at this point, considering people are risky enough behind the wheel down here on terra firma, but Toyota is plunging full steam ahead with a plan to take to the skies.

The video also showed the flying auto as a rudely constructed prototype similar to a scaffolding with eight propellers and an aluminum frame, as per the Associated Press. The vehicle rose as high as eye level for several seconds before tilting and falling to the ground.

The auto is still at an early stage of development.

REUTERS/Kacper PempelToyota is helping engineers and tech experts from Cartivator in developing a flying vehicle. In recent years, the company has been aggressively venturing into robotics and artificial intelligence.

Engineers of Cartivator are aiming to make their flying auto the world's smallest electric vehicle, which can be used in small urban areas, and hopes to commercialize the auto in 2025.

A host of companies are competing to develop the first flying auto or vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

Airbus Group is also working on developing its flying vehicle under its division called Urban Air Mobility.

  • Zachary Reyes