Threats cancel classes again at Washington state college

The Evergreen State College's Olympia campus will be closed and on "suspended operations" Monday, June 5, as a precaution while law enforcement officials work to review new "external threat information" received over the weekend.

Campus police, fearing for Mr. Weinstein's safety, advised him to teach off campus.

Some students called for Weinstein to resign.

Student protest leaders did not respond to requests for comment. Demonstrations continued the next day, with a standoff with the college's president. If you are a member of a group that the status quo does not favor, if you are among other things not white, not wealthy, not straight, or not cisgender, then the cops do not and cannot work in your favor.

Students eager to finish spring quarter, which wraps up next week, said the protests and the threats have been more than just distractions.

Snaza said he was concerned about the situation on campus.

Over the weekend, the school said it received "new external threat information" and made a decision to cancel its classes Monday.

The school said Washington State Patrol troopers are now present on campus in addition to the regular law enforcement officers at the school. Evergreen has had a similar event each year; however, this marked a change from their previous customs: students of color typically met off campus to discuss racial issues. "After consultation with law enforcement today, we have determined there is no active threat to campus".

Founded as a "hippie school" with no grades or majors, Evergreen State College may have been ripe for a student takeover - but academics warn what has happened in Olympia, Washington, could happen anywhere.

Police searched and found no one posing a threat, but Evergreen remained closed Friday.

  • Larry Hoffman