Putin denies knowledge of Trump son-in-law back channel proposal

Vladimir Putin has denied interfering in the USA presidential election as he counter argued that it was actually American officials who were the ones trying to influence other countries' electoral processes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday rejected allegations that his country influenced last year's USA presidential election, saying such an act "wouldn't make sense" and that he hadn't seen "any direct proof of Russian interference" that would have aided the election of Donald Trump.

The interview was broadcast on the premiere of a new NBC show, "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly". Thumbing his nose at the accusations from the left, Putin says that he spent more time with Kelly on the expose than he did on the figures in the Trump administration.

Putin also denied that Russian Federation had any information on Trump to influence him. There was a time when he used to come to Moscow, but you know, I never met with him.

"Right now, I think we have representatives from a hundred American companies that have come to Russian Federation".

"Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something?"Putin asked, before saying: "Have you all lost your senses?"

Step by step, Putin dismantled the assumptions behind the liberal narrative that Donald Trump had close connections with Russian Federation, and that Putin has leverage over the president.

"He was clearly defending himself by putting all the blame on somebody else, whether it was the USA or 3-year-olds, or smart hackers, or people who could imitate Russian Federation or US interference in somebody else's elections".

"I made my speech. There were no meetings", Putin said.

Putin was interviewed in St Petersburg, Russia, on the sidelines of an economic forum. Then we talked about some other stuff.

"I will tell you something that you most likely know about", he went on.

He said they met at a dinner in Moscow in December 2015 and he was told only afterwards that Flynn was formerly in the security services. I just find it unbelievable how you created a sensation where there wasn't anything at all.

The remarks were the latest in a series of denials from Moscow that have had little impact so far on a political crisis in the USA over potential links between Russian Federation and Trump's inner circle.

Putin denied knowing Michael Flynn, Trump's disgraced former national security adviser who resigned after being caught in a secretive phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

"I have not once seen any direct proof of Russia's interference in the presidential election in the U.S.A.", Putin said, according to a statement by the Kremlin.

Putin denied that he had any knowledge of such encounters, at first telling Kelly that there "were no meetings" before clarifying that he had not been informed because there was "nothing to even talk about". This is nonsense", he said, adding, "Had there been something out of the ordinary, something remarkable, he of course would have advised the minister and the minister would have informed me.

  • Leroy Wright