Police name two London attackers

Butt was known to the security services, but there was no evidence of "attack planning" by him, according to Scotland Yard.

Butt is also seen in the film sprawling on the lawn and nodding as he listens to a sermon in which the speaker tells those gathered: "This is not the real life, my dear brothers". Transport for London confirmed he worked for London Underground in customer services before leaving last October. Rachid Redouane - who had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, variously gave his age as 30 or 25 and also used Elkhdar as a surname - was not on the radar of police or intelligence agencies until the attack. The identities of the assailants have not yet been disclosed for fear of compromising the investigation, though police said they know their names.

Late on Saturday the three attackers drove south across London Bridge, mowing down pedestrians before stabbing bystanders in the nearby Borough Market area.

Since Saturday's attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market, British officials have offered some clues as to how they plan to counter extremism and terrorism.

Twelve people were arrested after the attack.

Police have arrested 12 people - seven women and five men - and searched six properties, four on Sunday and two on Monday.

The Conservative manifesto pledges regulation of the internet, which includes forcing providers to participate in counter-extremism drives, but Ms May's speech on Sunday is thought to be the first time she has publicly called for worldwide cooperation in bringing forward more red tape to cyberspace.

But British Prime Minister Theresa May said Khan was doing a "good job", echoing public sentiment across London.

Debate in Britain grew, meanwhile, about the country's longstanding practice of most police officers going unarmed.

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced a barrage of questions Monday on deep cuts made to police numbers in the United Kingdom while she was Home Secretary.

Redouane was not known to the police. The three terrorists, who were wearing fake suicide belts, were shot dead by police.

But London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Labour member, said his city had been forced to cut about $775 million for police from its budget.

As details about Butt emerged, however, they prompted questions of whether he could have been stopped sooner. She said more must be done to combat "bigotry and hatred".

May said on Monday Britain will review its counterterrorism strategy and consider extending prison terms.

"At any one time MI5 and police are conducting around 500 active investigations, involving 3,000 subjects of interest", he said.

During that time, police numbers have dropped by roughly 20,000 officers, and the number of armed officers has fallen as well. Terrorists stage an attack in Western Europe, killing innocent civilians in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Nice, Manchester or London.

Forty-eight others were wounded in the attacks, and the English health authority said Sunday that 21 people remain in critical condition.

A memorial was held Monday evening in the capital's Potters Field Park, as the city continues to digest its second attack in two months.

One of the attackers shouted "this is for Allah" as he knifed a man near a pub - while the Islamic State militant group claimed its fighters carried out the attack.

Jon Favreau, Mr Obama's top speech writer, wrote of Mr Trump's second Khan-related tweet: "This is the most disgusting lie and he is just an very bad human being".

On Twitter, people using the hashtag #ChrissySentMe expressed their sadness for the family's loss, but many also said they were inspired by the call for meaningful action.

  • Larry Hoffman