New video of struggling woods out

Woods said he suffered an unexpected reaction to medication, and Kaymer believes the only thing the American needs right now is help, not condemnation.

Woods's speech was slow, and a female officer had to walk him to a chair to sit down.

Adding: "I think he's a good person, and clearly he's a good father, and he's going through a hard time, and I think people should offer support instead of applauding his downfall". Along with right blinker flashing, the brake lights were still on.

Shortly after giving the sample, Woods was told that no alcohol was detected on his breath. He said he exchanged texts with Woods on Monday and that Woods told him no alcohol was involved.

In a statement released Monday evening, Woods blamed his condition on an "unexpected reaction" to prescription medication he was taking, but said he was taking responsibility for what happened.

While seated and handcuffed, Wood agrees to a urine test but asks, "How am I going to hold it?"

A new police video broadcast by the U.S. media on Thursday shows a handcuffed Tiger Woods trying to blow into a tube as he passes a breathalyser test.

Police discovered Woods buckled into his 2015 auto, which was running with the brake lights and right turn signal flashing, on Military Trail south of Indian Creek Parkway.

She then asks Woods, who appears to be sleeping on his feet, to try again.

It shows Woods stumbling through field sobriety tests, wobbling on the side of the road and at times confused about officers' commands. The engine was still running and the vehicle had sustained damage on both bumpers, according to police.

Woods announced last week he had undergone a fourth back surgery in April that will keep him off the course for the rest of the 2017 season, and he is unlikely to engage in strenuous physical activity for months. Results of the breathalyzer showed that he registered.000 for alcohol.

Woods is to be arraigned July 5 in Palm Beach County court on the DUI charge. "I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly", it went on to add.

  • Julie Sanders