Microsoft OneDrive will support the NEW Files app in Apple's iOS 11

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, speaks during an announcement of new products at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., Monday, June 5, 2017.

If you prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps while driving, iOS 11 will introduce speed limits as well as lane guidance warnings. Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research, says the price is good for a high-end audio device. The app will let users stream all the Amazon original hits.

At the time, Amazon said that it pulled the hardware because they didn't offer Amazon Video apps; assuming that was the real reason and not just a convenient excuse to stop selling competitors' hardware, we ought to see the Apple TV return to Amazon sometime after the Prime Video app is released. It includes new features for watchfaces, such as complications updating based on time of day or location and a new Siri-based watchface. The Files app will be extremely basic in nature, where it functions more as a central place to locate or delete files as you free up more room for other items. Both of those social networks have put a strong focus on such capabilities, but Apple hopes that its strong integration into Siri, Spotlight, Safari, and Maps will help it attract users.

After months of rumors (and growing sentiment that the iPad might be emerging as a trouble-spot for the company's financials), Apple finally made the 10.5-inch iPad official at WWDC today.

The iOS 11 beta 1 is a huge update and it brings tons of changes to Apple's fleet of iOS-powered iPhones and iPads. Intel's Kaby Lake processors are now included cross the range and faster SSDs are now added to the package. There are new workout updates, like one that can tell when you're swimming and reach the end of the lane.

Apple is also combining the lock screen and the Notifications Center in iOS 11, again streamlining the experience and making it easier for people to get relevant information at a glance. Starting at $4,999 for the basic configuration, the 5K machine will come with an 8-core, 10-core or 18-core Xeon processors. He said that iOS 10 had almost 96 per cent satisfaction with 86 per cent iPhone users installing the update as compared to only seven per cent Android users who installed Android Nougat - the latest version of Google's operating system. If a user erases a message on your iPhone or iPad, that will be reflected on the Mac as well.

With Apple Pay now baked into your SMS messenger, you can pay friends directly, rather than use an app like Venmo. Expect Siri to be a better travel companion with its polished translation skills, where among them include English to Chinese, Italian, German, French, and Spanish.

During the conference, Apple nodded to several up-and-coming technology trends, unveiling a new "smart" home speaker and device features touching on virtual reality, online privacy and a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning. One will be able to enjoy more options for Siri, obtaining better graphics and more expressive male and female voice options.

Augmented reality (AR) is here to stay, and Apple has now officially unveiled its developer tools to build an AR platform.

  • Carolyn Briggs