Mehgan James reportedly leaked fake Rob Kardashian story for publicity

Rob Kardashian has slammed rumors he's dating reality TV star Mehgan James.

After Kardashian tweeted the denial, James herself retweeted it onto her account to seemingly further confirm that they are not an item. Rob began posting pics of baby mama Blac Chyna, tweeting that he'd never even met James, much less banged her. "OH wait, I have a college degree and AM a vendor for one of the MOST POPULAR clothing companies online right now".

Rob Kardashian dating reality star Meghan James has him nervous what this could potentially mean for the friendship he still shares with ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna.

A report published by Us Weekly magazine on Thursday (01Jun17) suggested that sock designer Rob had recently embarked on a new relationship with Mehgan, known for her role on reality series Bad Girls Club. Like I said I never confirmed that I was dating Rob. "Now that Rob finally got away from the Chyna drama, they don't want him to to start another destructive relationship", the source revealed.

"Im just as confused as everyone else (sic)". Any one that asked I told them it was not true.

"If I ever wanted to fake a relationship with a rich white guy it would be Prince Harry!" It takes two people to fake a relationship, and someone who fakes a relationship by themselves is a complete idiot'. And the young woman bids with a message that leaves no room for doubt: "Although I was advised to say nothing, I would say that I'm only" Meghan something.

And it seems the alleged campaign was a success as the "Basketball Wives" star has seen her Instagram followers double in a week to over 800,000. So how would I have the power to MAKE UP A BS STOTY and get media outlets to RUN IT??

  • Salvatore Jensen