London Bridge attacker spends some time in Ireland

A spokesperson for the Gardaí said they are liaising with counterparts in the United Kingdom, as investigations into the deadly attack continue.

Mr. Kenny spoke Monday to the fact that one of the London terror attackers, a man identified as Rachid Redouane, had lived in Dublin, apparently up until the end of past year.

Gardaí are investigating Redouane's background after documentation - believed to be an identity card found after he was shot dead - showed he spent some time in Ireland.

There are unconfirmed reports that the man who had been carrying the Irish-issued ID may have claimed to be from Morocco and that he was married to a woman from Scotland and had lived in Dublin.

An Irish police spokesman said the force was providing assistance to colleagues in the British police and would answer any enquiries from them in relation to the identity of any individuals. It must be carried at all times.

Speaking in Chicago, where he is on his last trip to the U.S. as Taoiseach, Mr Kenny said that under European Union treaties, Ireland grants working visas to people outside the European Union who are in a relationship with an European Union citizen, which appears to have been the case in this instance.

Ireland has condemned the London terror attacks, describing the attacks as "sheer madness".

Currently, the threat assessment level in Ireland is moderate, meaning an attack is possible but unlikely.

Bad news coming from London - we stand with our close neighbours again tonight.

He was filmed unfurling an ISIS flag in Regent's Park and twice reported to police for his fanatical beliefs.

Speaking in Chicago Mr. Kenny said: "There are a small number of people in Ireland who are being monitored and observed in respect of radicalization and matters relevant to that", he told reporters after delivering an address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

He added: "I think it better to establish the accuracy of the facts in this particular case which are being checked as we speak".

  • Leroy Wright