Kellyanne Conway's husband throws shade at Donald Trump over travel ban tweets

George Conway, who happens to be Kellyanne Conway's husband - he reacted to Mr. Trump's Tweets by noting how hard the Tweets make the job for the administration's lawyer - the officer of solicitor general, or OSG - to defend the travel ban before the Supreme Court, or SCOTUS.

George Conway, an attorney who works at a NY law firm, castigated Trump's travel ban tweets, claiming they would not help him at the Supreme Court level. It is even more unusual for a president to blame the Justice Department for a policy shift that was made, not by DOJ, but by the president himself.

George Conway's statement knocking Trump for his Monday morning tweets was a far cry from Kellyanne Conway's thoughts on the tweetstorm.

In a series of tweets, George Conway explained he is still strongly in support of Trump. Now that the case may go to the Supreme Court, it's incumbent upon Trump and his team to prove these judges wrong.

Right now, lawyers suing the government over the travel ban, and those defending it, are working on the arguments that they'll file with the Supreme Court next week.

Asked about the tweets at the briefing, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump doesn't care what people call the executive order, does not know whether a third "much tougher" version of the travel ban is being considered, and asserted that extreme vetting already "is taking place".

Jadwat concluded with what amounted to, more or less, the mirror image of the concern Conway expressed about Trump's tweets. "I'm not going to allow on the day and a half after terrorists did it, whether they're ISIS-inspired or ISIS-directed, they're savage murderers, it's an evil slaughter as the president said last night, I'm going to not let him be seen as the perpetrator here".

George Conway quickly pointed out that Trump's missives could undermine his own administration's efforts, noting that Trump's executive order will likely have to face Supreme Court scrutiny, and the Trump administration line on the subject should be consistent. He also said that "sensible" lawyers in the White House and Justice Department agree with him.

'Not that I'm aware of, ' she replied.

  • Larry Hoffman