Is Kapil Sharma Sacrificing This Big To Keep His Show On Air?

The Kapil Sharma Show's former comedian Sunil Grover along with Sugandha Mishra is in Prague for a show and they all are having a really good time.

In an ugly fight between Sunil and Kapil, that took on a flight returning from Melbourne, did a huge damage to the friendship as well as to the show.

Sugandha, who has entertained us often on Kapil's show with her amusing antics as Madam Vidyavati, has come together with Sunil this time and it will be a treat for the people in Prague to see the duo perform together under one roof. To which Kapil replied, "That is called life brother".

Kapil Sharma and his comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show has seen its glorious days in the past.

Recently, a fan requested Kapil on Twitter to bring Sunil back on TKSS, Kapil politely replied to him saying, "Jab b unka dil kare". However, Kapil is still keen to have Sunil back. Its TRPs went low and other team members like Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar also left it. Not only Sunil, but Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra also walked out of TKSS, which made things hard for both Kapil Sharma and the show. He had to be admitted in a hospital after he complained of uneasiness on the sets of the show.

  • Salvatore Jensen