IPhone feature to block texts while driving

In New Jersey, officials announced in April they were relaunching the state's aggressive driving hotline, known as #77, as a "dangerous driving" hotline to take calls reporting impaired, distracted or reckless driving on the road. One can let their near and dear ones know that they will call back once they are done driving.

After the tech has been used once, your iPhone will prompt you to launch it whenever it thinks you're driving - you'll be able to dismiss the notice if you're a passenger or on a train or bus.

Users have to activate it first, but the phone auto-detects that the user is driving and deactivates all notifications (ie from Facebook, WhatsApp and so on).

The iPhone screen will also be locked to prevent drivers from using numerous device's apps. However, Apple has that covered too, as users would receive a notification that, "Do not disturb while driving" mode is activated, and they would have an option to select the "I'm not driving" option if they aren't. While the other software features are excellent, boring, incremental or irrelevant - Apple's updates to CarPlay, its suite of apps designed specifically to work with a compatible in-car infotainment set-up caught our eye.

According to reports, the new mode works whenever the handset is connected to a vehicle via cable or Bluetooth.

Been trying to be a safer driver and not look at your phone while behind the wheel?

Most people praised the upcoming feature on social media.

Although Apple's new Do Not Disturb function is unlikely to solve automotive fatalities or accidents stemming from cellphone distraction, the feature's introduction does show that the company is paying attention to what's happening on our roads, unlike too many drivers. Text messages will not pop up by defult, but senders still have the option of responding with "urgent" in case the user really needs to see the message.

  • Carolyn Briggs