How Bad Could Trump's Paris Agreement Withdrawal Be? A Scientist's Perspective

Trump announced Thursday that the United States was withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, a 2015 accord between almost every nation to reduce carbon emissions most scientists agree alter the planet's climate.

Several of those states had formalized their resolve to follow the Paris deal's goals, with Washington state, NY and California announcing they had formed the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has often expressed concern over climate change, has slammed US President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. When pressed about Trump's beliefs, advisors Gary Cohn and Kellyanne Conway told journalists to "ask him".

"Americans are not walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement".

Bloomberg, who is the UN Secretary-General's special envoy for cities and climate change, said the United States had led the world on emission reductions over the past decade. We will find ways to address the differences and move forward.

Trump pulled the United States out of the landmark Paris Climate Accord last week.

. What this means for the Carolinas, the environment, business and America's position as a leader. The executive secretary of the Framework Convention on Climate Change calls the money "crucial".

On Thursday, President Trump announced his long-awaited decision to fulfill a campaign pledge and pull out of the Paris climate agreement, which was aimed at curbing emissions that contribute to climate change. "This is a decision that was right for this country from a jobs perspective, an economy perspective and an environmental perspective", Pruitt said. "That's the reason it put us at an economic disadvantage internationally". Vivienne Westwood, a longtime advocate of fighting climate change, tore into Trump's environmental stance on British television.

Mr. Trump announced Thursday that he is pulling the US out of the Paris agreement, which was one of President Obama's major achievements in office.

"Why did China and India not have to take any steps until 2030?"

"Republicans and Democrats alike recognize that the Paris Agreement is about so much more than climate change", Raimondo said. But he also said ... that engagement, discussion, global discussion and dialogue around Carbon dioxide emissions is something we should continue.

  • Zachary Reyes