Corbyn cuts Tories' poll lead again

Since then, the gap appears to have shrunk significantly - down to just five percentage points compared with 15 just over two weeks ago, according to a survey from Ipsos MORI.

Theresa May has rejected accusations that she went back on her word by going to the polls, telling voters: "I had the balls to call an election".

Wakefield's Brexit-supporting Conservative candidate Antony Calvert, hoping to overturn a 2,613-vote Labour majority, is aware he needs to get people like Hill to vote again on June 8.

If the latest polls are wrong - and they have previously underestimated Conservative support - and May wins a sizeable victory, she will axe current finance minister Philip Hammond and replace him with Interior Minister Amber Rudd, the Daily Telegraph reported.

She fielded angry questions from nurse Victoria Davey, who said her pay slips had not increased since 2009, and asked: "How can that be fair, in the light of the job that we do?"

Jeremy Corbyn was seen to have performed well in a series of television debates. "I think we have discussed this at some length", he complained.

"If parliamentary arithmetic allowed it, I would want the SNP to be part of a progressive alternative to a Conservative government, not as a coalition, but on an issue by issue basis", Sturgeon said.

After saying he thinks the "idea of anyone ever using a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world is utterly appalling and terrible", he ruled out authorising its "first use".

However, Labour leader Corbyn, a 68-year-old socialist peace campaigner, has been pulling in big crowds at rallies across the country, brushing off warnings from opponents in his own party that he would lead them to electoral disaster. "Those new qualifications will replace a confused picture of 13,000 existing technical courses with a better alternative, giving young people the skills they need to do the jobs of the future".

He eventually lost out to Hilary Clinton, who went on to lose to Donald Trump in the November vote.

In the TV event, May was also accused of failing to stand up to the US President Donald Trump over his country's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

"I would sign a letter with any other leader that would deplore that, straight away".

He said it was a "shame" that Mrs May refused to debate head-to-head with him before the election.

In a hard moment, she was challenged by a woman who struggled to hold back tears as she described waiting for more than a year for counselling on the state-run National Health Service.

The PM said she would make "no excuses" for her treatment, but insisted she was determined to improve the handling of mental health in the NHS.

In her session, May was asked why she was not able to provide details of the maximum amount of money people would have to spend on social care, which was only promised after days of backlash against the policy. We have a great team of very experienced people. "I don't want to be responsible for millions of deaths and neither do you", he told the audience.

In a fractious exchange on the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent, the Labour leader was heckled for saying: "People tell me that the most effective use of it is not to use it because it's there".

  • Leroy Wright