Corbyn challenges Theresa May over 'dementia tax'

Dr Lelliott said it was only a few weeks ago that some key allies of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were saying Labour would be lucky to get 200 seats.

Against the Bank of England's trade-weighted basket, which measures sterling's broader strength, the pound is now back where it was on 9 April, before May called the election.

When Mrs May announced the snap election in mid-April, analysts suggested that she was seeking a mandate to lead the country personally through its exit from the European Union (EU).

However the findings contrast sharply with a ComRes poll for the Independent and Sunday Mirror which still shows the Conservatives with a healthy 12 point advantage over Labour. The UK Labour party leader has received an important boost from the Vermont senator and leading American progressive Bernie Sanders, who faced off against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party primaries a year ago.

He said: "If we did use it, millions are going to die". "We will never make the kind of changes we need unless we take on the levels of inequality that exist".

Theresa May's once-formidable lead has been eroded though her Conservative Party could still be on course to win a majority of seats in parliament. "I had the balls to call an election", she retorted at one point, using distinctly unparliamentary language.

She told the audience taxpayers should not have to subsidise the social care of elderly people who have a "very significant value" property.

For the Liberal Democrats, former business secretary Sir Vince Cable said: "Michael Fallon's comments raise the obvious question as to where the Conservatives will raise the money that their Chancellor knows will be needed if promised funding for schools, the NHS, the police and defence is to materialise".

"I'm afraid there is a lesson here about Jeremy Corbyn's psychology and his politics and his naivety, with which he approaches not just the logic of the nuclear deterrent but also the Brexit negotiations".

Asked why voters should trust despite failing to give detailed costings for the plans, the Prime Minister said: "What our manifesto had done is be open with people about the great challenges that we believe this country faces".

"I think Corbyn would now be feeling more confident they're not going to suffer the electoral wipe-out initially feared", Dr Lelliott said.

"We've been open about that, and I've also been open that there will be some
hard choices to be made in addressing those various challenges".

Mrs May then faced more heath care questions when confronted by mental health patients who told her they had lost benefits due to failing Work Capability Assessments.

"I want to form a Labour government with a majority to carry out this wonderful programme which can give so much hope and opportunity for so many people".

  • Leroy Wright