Contractor charged with leaking NSA info on Russian hacking

Intelligence officials say that while Russian Federation did get access to some election systems, no votes were affected. The Kremlin expects Russian-US cooperation to resume and is focused on US President Donald Trump's position on this matter, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He says if those vendors are hacked, then malware could easily be spread to local election offices and ultimately to individual voting machines.

Reports quickly emerged following the Justice Department's issuance of a press release in the case that victor is allegedly the source of a leaked NSA report published Monday afternoon by The Intercept documenting Russian military intelligence attempts to hack a USA voter registration software company and more than 100 local election officials.

Back in January, the Director of National Intelligence said the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hack, which saw emails stolen from the DNC and Hilary Clinton campaign leaked online, was ordered by the Russian government.

The NSA report, dated May 5, says Russian military intelligence attacked a USA voting software company and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials at the end of October or beginning of November.

"We resolutely deny the possibility that such a thing could have happened", he said, adding that he had not read the report.

The report reveals that the hackers, posing as Google employees, sent spoofed emails to employees of a United States election software company. "Lastly, the actors send test emails to two non-existent accounts ostensibly associated with absentee balloting, presumably with the goal of creating those accounts to mimic legitimate services".

However, the indictment shows that investigators managed to track down the suspect when they noted that the document posted on The Intercept's website showed folding marks.

The U.S. government is put in an awkward position itself; it would be odd to accuse Putin now using information leaked involuntarily from its own secret sources. Those addresses, which the report states may have been obtained through a compromised company email address, were "associated with named local government organizations".

- She is accused of leaking classified information, used as the basis for an article published Monday by The Intercept, detailing a classified National Security Agency memo.

US intelligence agencies declined to comment.

Victor admitted to authorities to leaking the document but hasn't entered a plea yet.

This was based on leaked documents provided to the site, which, allegedly before going public with the story, showed them to NSA officials to confirm their authenticity.

Victor was one of just six individuals who had printed the intelligence document, according to an internal audit of the agency that housed the report.

Victor has held a top secret clearance during her employment at Pluribus International Corporation. Winner, who held a top-security clearance, had been employed at the facility since on or about 13 February, The Guardian reported. Federal investigators quickly identified six people who had printed the materials and found that victor had email contact with the news agency.

Victor made an initial appearance Monday before a federal magistrate in Augusta and is scheduled to have a bond hearing on Thursday, Nichols, said in an interview Monday. "She is holding up very well and trying to remain in good spirits".

  • Leroy Wright