California, China sign climate deal after Trump's Paris exit

Rank, a career diplomat of 27 years, held a meeting with embassy employees to inform them that he had tendered his resignation and it was accepted. "Mr". Another unnamed source told the Post Rank told his staff he was "a parent, a patriot, and a Christian".

A career foreign service officer since 1990, Rank assumed the position of deputy chief of mission at the USA embassy in Beijing in January 2016 and had been serving until the arrival of Trump's pick for the job, former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who was confirmed by Congress late last month.

A top diplomat at the United States embassy in Beijing has stepped down, apparently because he disagreed with President Donald Trump's climate change policy. With Trump slow to make appointments many senior posts at the State Department are now filled by acting officials or vacant.

Trump's latest move on climate change came after he signed an executive order on March 28 that directed agencies to rescind any pending rules and regulations related to the Climate Action Plan and instructed the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review and potentially withdraw Obama's signature rule, the Clean Power Plan.

Brown also signed agreements with China's central government and two provinces to collaborate on countering climate change.

A senior State Department official told CNN, which broke the story, that Rank made a personal choice to depart even though his replacement, former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, hadn't yet taken over.

In another tweet, Pomfret said Rank called a town hall meeting to announce his decision to embassy staff and explained that he could not deliver a diplomatic note informing the Chinese government of the United States decision.

A day earlier, the acting ambassador to Britain, Lewis A. Lukens, tweeted his support of London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack there.

Rank's resignation was a display of the diplomatic unease over Trump's decision to exit the Paris accord.

"We informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today that Jonathan Fritz will be serving as charge d'affaires", she added. Branstad has been confirmed for his post but is undergoing ambassador training.

Dan Feldman, who was the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan when Rank was a senior adviser there, said Rank was the quintessential, non-political diplomat.

  • Larry Hoffman