Big Brother viewers to choose last person to enter house

Jeremy McConnell has said he's "proud" of girlfriend Stephanie Davis after it was confirmed she'll make a dramatic return to Big Brother.

What channel is Love Island on and what time does it start?

The Sun reports she said: 'Listen babe, one of the lads at work had an accident.

'[Lotan] said, "We've had to take out insurance on our members. Now my willy's worth £12 million!"

"I got told she didn't like me because a selfie I had taken with her got leaked to the papers, but then she added me on Facebook a year later, so it's all water under the bridge". No more information has been given, but we imagine tonight is going to be VERY interesting...

A source told the Daily Star: "This is just what Steph needs".

Understandably he didn't appear to be responding well to the hostile reception he got, and forced Emma to apologise to viewers as he dropped the F-bomb.

Seeing as Lotan has said he's single when entering the house, it seems he was keen to cover up the recent relationship.

Strangely Lotan states that he's "engaged" on his old Twitter handle @LaronOfficial_, and set up a new Twitter handle @LatonLaidBare on the night Big Brother kicked off.

You may remember that she made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother past year (actually you'll definitely remember cos it was arguably the most memorable series ever) - and she's returning to the series.

Tom, from Wales, was the lucky contestant and now has a special role which will see him in charge in the house, even having access to the outside world. Whoever he chooses will not only have to sleep in a crummy bedroom for a bit, but they will also face eviction in the first week.

A "honey trapper" and his boss, a mother and daughter and a psychology student are among the latest crop of contestants entering the Big Brother house tonight.

  • Salvatore Jensen