Bernie Sanders 'impressed' by United Kingdom candidate Jeremy Corbyn

The latest Ipsos MORI poll for Evening Standard today has Labour up to 40% and Corbyn's approval ratings higher than Ed Miliband's.

Last year, former Labour cabinet minister Alan Johnson told The Times Corbyn was "totally incompetent and incapable of being the leader of a political party".

"We all got it wrong in 2015 and we are all trying different methods to get it right this year", said Anthony Wells, a research director at YouGov.

Ms May and Mr Corbyn each faced questions from the audience for 45 minutes in separate sessions in the last major televised event of the campaign.

The Opposition claimed the Tory plan to means-test winter fuel payments could hit up to 10.8 million pensioners, while people who require social care could face spending up to 42% of the value of their estates if the cap was set at £100,000. There was no gentle warming up, with the opening questioner accusing her of "broken promises and backtracking".

May has said she wants a bigger majority in parliament to strengthen her hand as she goes into negotiations with the rest of the European Union about Britain's exit from the bloc.

One man accused the Labour leader of speaking with the IRA "when they were killing our people - our women and children". I could have stayed on and kept doing that job.

"I would view the idea of having to use a nuclear weapon as something that was resulting in a failure in the whole world's diplomatic system", he said.

Mr Corbyn faced demands from the audience to say whether he would be ready to use Britain's Trident deterrent.

"It's obvious that Corbyn could not secure the good Brexit deal that is vital to protect our economy, meaning fewer jobs and more debt".

But Mrs May said: "I'm not refusing to take part in debates, because I'm here answering questions from you".

Asked if he would still like to be finance minister after the election, Hammond told the BBC: "Of course I would, that's a silly question".

In a hard moment, she was challenged by a woman who struggled to hold back tears as she described waiting for more than a year for counselling on the state-run National Health Service.

If May failed to win an overall majority, she would be forced to strike a deal with another party to continue governing either as a coalition or a minority government.

"He doesn't believe in Britain", she said in a blistering attack.

In another key exchange, Mrs May said she didn't know whether North Korea receives funding from the UK's foreign aid budget.

Ryan went on to seemingly throw in the towel to the Conservatives nationally, saying: "The polls are all saying that the Conservative Party will win a large majority, possibly with more MPs than they have ever had before".

On Brexit, Mr Corbyn defended his team's ability to handle the negotiations, with immediate legislation to protect the rights of EU nationals in the United Kingdom and work to "guarantee trade access to the European markets and protection for the conditions we have achieved through EU membership".

  • Leroy Wright