Bear breaks into home, plays the piano (and it's all on video)

Police in Vail, Colorado, are warning homeowners to bear-proof their homes after one bear was caught on a security video tickling the ivories inside an apartment last week. Officials believe the bear entered the home through an unlatched kitchen window that the bear pushed open. They asked the woman to take a look at the footage from her security camera, and it turns out it was a big 'ole bear who made the mess. Vail Police, who are trained to respond to calls about wildlife, could not find the bear, prompting the town to joke that "the suspect is still at large".

"Oh yeah, we love bears, just maybe not in our own house", Hawley explained.

"I was not expecting that, at all", said resident Katie Hawley.

"Once I saw the video I thought it was really cute but if I didn't like bears so much I wouldn't of thought he was very cute". "Then he heads upstairs to the kitchen to wreck the kitchen".

"The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly", police said in a statement.

While not almost as entertaining, we've had a few bear encounters in our area recently.

  • Joanne Flowers