Apple's iOS 11 to restrict logging into apps using social media platforms

One minor yet significant update is also the signature Apple keyboard which now comes with a number pad (!) for the Excel junkies.

Some years, iOS gets a relatively minor update: a few enhancements here, a bit of spit and polish there. You can use TouchID to authenticate payments and money transfers, and any money you receive through Apple Pay in iMessage will go to your Apple Pay cash card. That being the case, Apple simply didn't have enough time to cover all the brand new software feature that will become available once iOS 11 is released to the masses later this year. The next iOS will give Siri deep learning capabilities. Other new features include suggestions for follow-up questions you can tap on, multiple results for a search topic, the ability to translate languages (English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish), and more.

In an effort to support real-time synchronization of messages between several Mac and IOS devices, Apple is now bringing iMessages to its iCloud platform.

It is created to work with the Apple Music subscription service and can produce rich sound while tapping into the artificial intelligence power of Siri.

Apple is trying to change that in iOS 11, with improvements to Siri's voice so she (or he, should you prefer) sounds a lot more natural.

Apple on Monday launched a bunch of refinements in its all four platforms - tvOS, watchOS, macOS and iOS - at this years annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with iOS 11, watchOS 4 and updates to its Mac line of desktops and notebooks.

Siri is also getting a translation beta and a new male voice.

And Apple will have a new "do not disturb" mode for driving.

Once the feature is enabled, the iPhone will be able to automatically detect when a person is driver using Bluetooth or motion sensors and will silence all notifications to keep the screen dark.

Swipe up and you'll see Control Center has had a massive redesign for iOS 11. In fact, Apple Maps has progressed to such an extent where it is even able to be used when one is indoors, and we suspect that many people would have used Apple Maps on their iPhones to find their way in and around massive shopping malls. There will be a Shared "Up Next" playlist so that other contacts can see what tunes you have on your playlist before making recommendations to tweak that playlist accordingly. The popular Live Photos feature, introduced with iPhone 6S, now includes trimming and a variety of loops and long exposure effects to make it more engaging. "When you are driving you don't need to be responding to these kind of messages", he said as the mammoth screen at the San Jose Convention Center showed alerts for Tinder and games coming onto a phone.

Apple added a speaker category to HomeKit that lets you add and control smart speakers using the company's new AirPlay 2 protocol.

Apple said video and images will take up less storage space now due to new compression technology, while low-light portraits will take advantage of optical image stabilization and HDR.

The macOS High Sierra offers an all-new file system, support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and an update to Metal, Apple's advanced graphics technology. While this was possible in the past, COR ML makes it easier for apps to process data locally using machine learning without sending user information to the cloud.

The speaker has the "power to rock the house", according to Schiller, and the aim is to make HomePod a potent assistant for news, messages, weather, traffic, home controls and more.

  • Arturo Norris