Apple shows off watchOS 4

The Mickey and Minnie watch faces have new friends because Toy Story's Woody, Jesse, Buzz are coming to watchOS 4.

The watchOS4 activity app will deliver intelligent, personalised activity coaching and will give progress update from the moment one puts on the watch.If needed, towards the end of the day they will be told how much more push will help to close the activity ring for the day and will offer a specific suggestion to help while you do so. Improvements to the Apple Watch's achievements feature will likewise bring a host of new animations and new UI elements for easier navigation.

watchOS 4 also includes a new Music app meant to improve the AirPods experience.

Apple also announced a couple of fun watch faces, including a "Kaleidoscope" face that focuses more on pretty graphics rather than information. Moreover, by linking your watchOS 4-powered device with a compatible piece of gym equipment, you'll also be able to get a more accurate reporting of heart-rate, incline, and other key details about your workout. You can autoplay a music playlist when starting a workout. In the morning you might see your first meeting, and at noon you might see a call you need to hop on, or a pass for a flight you have that afternoon.

Apple took the wraps off watchOS 4 today during its WWDC Keynote, with VP of Technology Kevin Lynch demonstrating several new features in the next major update to Apple's wearable device. watchOS 4 will add several new Watch Faces, most notably a proactive "Siri Face" that will provide a display of relevant information throughout the day, similar to the "Proactive Assistant" introduced in iOS 9 two years ago. The changes to the Music app are not only in design, but now it's built to connect directly to the Workout app.

Apple made the announcement of watchOS 4 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. Multiple playlists can now be synced including Apple Music-recommended playlists. New APIs will be available to developers, including native core Bluetooth, so they can create new apps using all the new features.

This update allows NFC in the Apple Watch to work with something outside of Apple Pay.

  • Carolyn Briggs