Angry man releases about 100 bed bugs at Maine city office

A municipal office building in ME has reopened after officials say a disgruntled man slammed a cup full of bedbugs on the counter, releasing about 100 of the pests. "It was extremely shocking", Director of Development Services Matt Nazar told WMTW. Pest control was called to treat the office with the bedbugs and the rest of the building. He was told he didn't qualify, according to City Manager William Bridgeo, and he emptied the cup of the blood-sucking vermin in retaliation.

The building closed until an exterminator could kill and dispose of the bugs. "Some were dead. So there were well in excess of 100 live and dead bugs that some, like I said were crawling away", Nazar said.

Earlier that day the man had made a complaint at the office against his landlord, claiming a bed bug problem in his apartment building. Nazar said that's where the bugs in the cup came from. Police said the man was unhappy with his housing. "Frankly, the General Assistance office has nothing to do with bedbugs".

Asked why he did what he did, the man reportedly told police he wanted the officials to experience the same thing he was experiencing. "It's an extraordinary bit of misdirected anger".

Charges have not been filed.

  • Salvatore Jensen