National Football League cuts down overtime from 15 minutes to 10

In another change that will affect the transaction wire in 2017, National Football League owners voted to allow each team to restore to the active roster two players per season who had been placed on the reserve/injured list instead of one, which has been the rule since 2012. The NFL eliminated the preseason 75 player roster cut-down, which happens between team's third and fourth preseason game, and elected to just make one roster cut-down from 90 players to 53 players following each team's final preseason game.

That freedom had been stripped in many cases, with fans and media criticizing the NFL as being the "No Fun League".

If for some reason the Minnesota Vikings and one of their opponents next season are locked in a tie at the end of regulation, now each team will only have a 10-minute overtime period to try and win the game.

The NFL has announced four rule changes for the 2017 season. The change will include all preseason, regular season and playoff games, although postseason contests can not end in ties. This however will make teams cut a lot of players all at once rather than in stages.

More celebrations. Maybe more ties.

Here are the specific rule changes: the ball will no longer be considered a prop (seriously, about time). It will reduce the number of plays in overtime, following a season in which more games than usual exceeded 70 total minutes.

In Chicago on Tuesday, owners of each NFL team came together for their annual Spring League Meeting.

But miming weapons, offensive gestures and sexually suggestive actions such as twerking are among those that will remain banned.

One of the bigger changes to roster management is possibly with the I.R. designations.

That means more players will get a final chance to make an National Football League roster, and there will be a frenzy of activity after the final preseason game.

Other rule changes include the 75-man roster cuts, overtime and the Injured Reserve.

Now two players a season are allowed to return to practice if they have been on the IR for at least six weeks.

  • Julie Sanders