Iran says Trump's climate pact withdrawal will isolate US

George Stephanopoulos asked. "That's the predicate for the entire decision". "Do you know what the President believes?" "The president has indicated the climate is changing, it's always changing".

Iran faces particular challenges from climate change, having suffered years of worsening drought and dust storms, compounded by poor water resource management.

"I think the whole question is an effort to get it off the point, and the issue of whether Paris is good for this country or not", Pruitt responded.

Pruitt, who advised Trump to leave the Paris Agreement, reiterated his claim that his discussions with Trump focused on the economic impact of the treaty on the US economy and not the president's views on global warming.

"Our discussion, George, has been about the agreement, the efficacy of the agreement", Pruitt replied. He put America first.

"We've had over 50,000. coal jobs, mining jobs created in this country" in the last few months, Pruitt said.

Trump has previously said he believes global warming is a "hoax", and in September 2015 told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, "I'm not a believer in man-made global warming".

While Trump is at his golf club, the "Pittsburgh, not Paris" rally has kicked off with "dozens" of Trump supporters who gathered to express their support for Trump's decision to pull out of the landmark Paris Agreement. Under their leadership, the EPA sustained massive staff and funding cuts before Trump on Thursday withdrew the USA from the Paris deal, which is the first global effort to halt global warming.

If the United States completes the withdrawal process from the climate deal, it will join Nicaragua and Syria - the only other countries who have not signed the agreement. Leaders in Italy, Germany, and France released a rare joint statement condemning Mr Trump's actions, and said that the deal wasn't renegotiable even though the US President said he would seek a better deal than what Paris outlined. "When you look at Paris, frankly, when you look at what was supposed to be achieved there by other nations across the globe, it was very little".

In addition, the EPA director said the president is still committed to work internationally on combating climate change.

Pruitt kept towing the Trump line on Sunday, going so far as to allege the Paris deal was an global conspiracy to weaken the American economy with regulations.

  • Zachary Reyes