Apple Watch gets 'smarts' from Siri

As for the apps that are already on your phone, Apple has included a panel in Settings for you to check if there's an update available.

The thread started on Friday evening and continued to Saturday, with several employees apparently fielding hundreds of questions just days before Apple's annual WWDC conference for developers, which starts today in San Jose, California. However, given the recent expansion into HomeKit and the success of competing models including the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it makes flawless sense for Apple to release the Siri Speaker into the market.

It's easy to debate that a Siri speaker release would be unlikely, given Apple's history of keeping product lines simple and distinct.

Out of the many places Apple can stick this engine (like next to the engine of an Apple Car), we may see a smart speaker announced at the keynote.

It also looks like this new "Files" app will come pre-installed with the iOS 11. Other rumored features like facial recognition and AR likely won't be unveiled until the new iPhone makes its appearance this fall.

The most widely speculated aspect of the upcoming iOS 11 is said to be the fact that it would render older 32-bit apps obsolete. It's expected that Apple will announce a big update to Siri to remain competitive with rivals Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others. The Cupertino major typically holds the WWDC in San Francisco.

The younger siblings of the Apple hardware world, the Apple TV and Apple Watch are also due for some software updates. And it would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon and Google. Users can also expect improvement in the iPad with the introduction of support for multiple user accounts.

It's also possible to stream via second, third or fourth generation Apple TV, provided that you've got software 6.2.

70 billion reasons, actually: Apple said on Thursday that developer earnings from the App Store were over $70 billion since it launched in 2008. However, this time multiple reports suggest that we might also see some new hardware. Apple is expected to show off a new, larger iPad Pro, as well as updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with speedier processors.

It is a possibility that tech freaks might be in for a treat if Apple decides to delve out some information regarding the iPhone it will launch to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the revolutionary device.

IOS 11 is, of course, also coming to the iPad, and it is speculated that Apple will release a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, that too with an edge-to-edge display.

  • Zachary Reyes