Why Corbyn's surge could be good news for sterling

There was slightly better news for May from a Panelbase poll which put her party 8 points ahead of Labour, but that still meant the Conservatives' advantage had nearly halved in a week.Meanwhile a separate YouGov model based on different data estimated the Conservatives would win 317 seats, nine short of an overall majority of 326 seats. Even though his chances of succeeding Theresa May appear to be increasing, his party is still a long way behind the Tories when it comes to winning the most seats.

The Conservatives would still be the biggest party, but would not have an overall majority.

Sterling weakened against the U.S. dollar after The Times report on Tuesday.

While the Westminster election campaign in Northern Ireland has been a largely lacklustre affair, the same can not be said of Britain where, against all the odds, the Labour Party seems to be giving the Tories a run for their money.

The Times said the YouGov data suggests the Tories could lose up to 20 of the 330 seats they held in the last parliament, with Labour gaining almost 30 seats. They say Britain needs a strong and stable government to get the best Brexit deal for the country and its people.

"The alternative is that all those young Corbynistas will prove a mirage and that some polls still contain too numerous sort of young people who vote, with the end result being that the Conservatives win a large or landslide majority", he said.

May has repeatedly sought to present herself as the only party leader able to make a success of Brexit, though she has given few details of how she will handle the negotiations.

Seven polls carried out since the May 22 Manchester attack have shown May's lead over the Labour Party narrowing.

However, until now no poll has suggested that the Conservatives could lose their majority in parliament.

ICM director Martin Boon told the Guardian that his polling company gives the Tories higher leads than others as its methodology "assumes young people will be less likely to vote than older, and less affluent people will be less likely to vote than the wealthy".

According to a similar poll conducted by The Telegraph, 40 percent of the female population now intend to vote for Labour, compared to 41 per cent for the Conservatives.

Mr Cooke said: "The more people see of Jeremy Corbyn, the more they appreciate what he is trying to do, the wheels seem to be coming off the Tory wagon".

Ahead of the European Union referendum, polling was said to be used to push certain narratives rather than reflect the public's thoughts. Mrs.

In a speech on Tuesday in Wolverhampton in central England, home to one of the Conservatives' target seats, the prime minister sought to pivot the debate back to Brexit.

"Corbyn is selling a wonderland", The Sun said.

Her decision to send senior minister Amber Rudd was "another sign of Theresa May's weakness, not strength", Corbyn said.

However, under the model - based on 50,000 interviews over one week - the Conservatives could get anywhere between 274 and 345 seats, meaning they could also increase their majority. "Debate their record, debate their plans, debate their proposals and let the public make up their mind", said Corbyn, who was joined at Wednesday's debate by representatives of smaller parties, including Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and UK Independence Party chief Paul Nuttall.

  • Zachary Reyes