What does Trump believe about climate change? His aides won't say

Some also say President Trump mischaracterized the entire agreement as a binding contract that the USA needed to cancel rather than, in actuality, a flexible consensus document that is simply a matter of good global citizenship. And India, China, and South Korea are rapidly shifting their investments away from coal, and toward renewable-energy sources. He also called Trump's decision "deeply discouraging", and urged his followers to support a number of organizations that are committed to fighting climate change and combating the Trump agenda, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and Indivisible Guide, a Trump resistance manual.

Trump on Friday acknowledged his decision was "controversial", but maintained it was "a big service to the American people". They both appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends".

On Friday, Pruitt called the decision a "courageous" and "informed, thoughtful decision", insisting the US has "nothing to be apologetic for".

She said Canada and Japan had not signed the letter either, but all three countries have the same view that they remain committed to the deal. Better to have an angry and scornful USA outside a robust agreement, with the prospect of re-entering at a future date, than to have it in, but at the cost of an eviscerated deal. "Google will keep working hard for a cleaner, more prosperous future for all", he said.

"Fourteen days of emissions from China alone would wipe out the gains of America's expected reductions in the in 2030, even after we'd have to spend billions and billions of dollars, lost jobs, closed factories and suffered much higher energy costs for our businesses and for our homes".

John Reilly, the co-director of the program, added that MIT's scientists had had no contact with the White House and were not offered a chance to explain their work.

"I have not had the opportunity to specifically talk to the President about that", he said.

The United States emitted 6.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2015, the most recent year of available data.

The World Meteorological Organization sought to quantify Trump's decision, estimating that US withdrawal from the emissions-cutting accord could add 0.3 degrees Celsius to global temperatures by the end of the century in a worst-case scenario.

This is expected to significantly outweigh the negative effects of rollbacks to USA climate policies, which are expected to flatten emissions in the country, instead of continuing their current downward trend.

This was a reference to India's long-standing position on climate change, and one widely shared among developing nations, that developed nations must shoulder a larger share of the blame for global warming.

The brief statement during a photo op with Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes at the State Department was Tillerson's first public statement about the Paris deal since President Trump announced Thursday that he would withdraw the United States from the pact. The rest of the world will be sad to see an America that has been left behind, owing to Trump's decision.

Signed in 2015 after almost three years of negotiations, the Paris accord came at a time when scientists had called for now-or-never measures to combat global warming.

Juncker tweeted that the withdrawal - announced by Trump in a highly anticipated statement from the White House rose Garden - was "a seriously wrong decision". By abandoning the world's chief effort to slow the tide of planetary warming, Trump was fulfilling a top campaign pledge after weeks of building up suspense over his decision.

The U.S. military also faces risks less than a day's drive from the White House. Right now, only nations can be party to the agreement, though Bloomberg told the New York Times that he is hopeful that a "parallel" pledge from US cities and states would indicate to the world that the United States has not ceded all of its climate leadership. Importantly, it is also out of step with what is happening in the United States.

So they essentially put their fingers in their ears and made loud noises. Under former President Barack Obama, the USA had agreed under the accord to reduce polluting emissions by more than a quarter below 2005 levels by 2025.

The climate agreement "would have wrecked our economy".

In the USA, it is local and state governments, along with businesses, that are primarily responsible for the dramatic decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in recent years. Trump's historic mistake represents an obstacle to that collective action; but it can hardly stop it.

"We are also ready to cooperate with global community members, including the USA, to push for low carbon generation globally", she said.

Despite this, a number of figures from US industry expressed their dismay at Trump's move.

Hendricks said the absence of $500 million contributions from the United States to the Green Climate Fund will be felt from 2018, but suggested the gap could be filled with "other financing mechanisms, for example through the World Bank".

"Supporting the Paris agreement is a vote for supporting the high-tech renewable industries driving innovation in the USA private sector, and will spur more economic growth". When asked at a Friday briefing if Trump believes in climate change, his spokesman Sean Spicer said he had not spoken to the president about it.

  • Carolyn Briggs