Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly: US Hackers Could Have Framed Russia

"Hackers can be anywhere". Kelly said that Putin hinted that the Central Intelligence Agency could have even been behind the hacking, noting that many people were once certain that Moscow was behind the assassination of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. "In the midst of a political battle?" Could you imagine something like that?

President Vladimir Putin compared Russian hackers to free-spirited "artists", saying they may just be people who wake up one morning, see how their homeland is being maligned in the foreign press and decide to take matters into their own hands.

During an interview with the news network's Megyn Kelly, Putin stated through the NBC News translator: "Hackers can be anywhere".

The Russian leader's explanation came a day after he declared during an economic forum in St. Petersburg that the cyber disrupters might have awakened in "high spirits" and made a decision to meddle simply on behalf of their country. "A dumb man who can't do anything would blame the Jews for everything". Putin also said that India was facing a serious problem on account of terrorism and it was not an "imaginary thing".Kushner met with the ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, in early December, and suggested establishing a secure communications line between the Kremlin and Trump officials at a Russian diplomatic facility, according to United States of America officials who reviewed intelligence reports describing Kislyak's account.

In a sign of exasperation, Putin compared what he described as the obsessive United States focus on alleged Russian interference with the vote to anti-Semitism.

Trump, during the campaign, repeatedly denied Russian Federation was trying to tip the scales in his favor.

Trump fired Comey in May, sending shockwaves through Washington and sparking accusations that he was trying to torpedo the Russian hacking investigation.

  • Leroy Wright