Virender Sehwag applies for India head coach post

"We lack patience and make speculations from far". Without being a part of the process or the system, or without having a first-hand experience of things, I wouldn't pass judgments or speculate sitting afar. "I don't even think about all these things".

Guha slammed Gavaskar s role in heading a company involving Indian cricketers and commentating on them as a BCCI TV analyst.

In case you didn't know.


The last few days the media has been rife with the rumoured "rift" between two of Indian cricket's greatest superstars - one present and one past. "All you can do in that situation is focus on your skill", Kohli said when asked if rare encounters between two have made any impact on Sunday's game.

The 44-year-old said the Kohli-Kumble "rift" had been blown out of proportion.

The only matter of substance, apart from rubbishing every query on Kohli- Kumble, that came from Choudhary was praise for the beleaguered coach. His entry opens up a process that could see afew more twists and turns. He would then go on to blame the skipper Maxwell for not "firing in most games" during the season.

Looking at India's performance in the two warm-up matches, they should be able to defend their Champions Trophy title.

Visibly disappointed at the way news had been circulating about the perceived differences in the dressing room, Kohli expressed frustration over the way such an issue has clouded the team and the fans' conscience before the beginning of India's campaign. They are doing their job, they are trying to create some livelihood out of it. "We are focused on our livelihood which is on the field and all that we are going to focus on", he added. "I am simply going by the results and when you go by the results of past year, you can say he has done nothing wrong", said Gavaskar, the first batsman to breach the 10,000-run mark in Tests.

It is proven that Kohli is a very aggressive player and captain and will fight till the very end. It is quite normal.

"It's normal to have disagreements, even at home, not everybody agrees on everything". It is a very basic human nature.

Such has been the approach, the official said, that some of the injuries that have ruled players out during Kumble's tenure were not strictly cricket related. That leaves former Team India director Ravi Shastri, whom the squad is believed to favour, out of the equation. So we'll see what the wicket is like and what we feel is going to match up well against the opposition.

Many expected Fleming to throw his hat in the ring for the India coach's job when the BCCI advertised late last month, but he didn't. Kumble was appointed as coach after flouting established norms for the position.

"You should not worry about it. Professionals find a way".

  • Julie Sanders